Thursday, 21 March 2013

eduWare Introduce New Feature Percentile Rank Cce Report

eduWare a Unique Software for School introduce new feature in School Management Software that is calculate percentile rank cce report.

Percentile rank tells us how the student compares to other students, while percent correct tells us the proportion of correct answers. In other words, percentile rank is definitely not the percent of correct answers.

It is different from percentage and sop, percentile gives an idea of RELATIVE performance with others and not how high you scored out of the total marks.

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation which has been recently introduced by CBSE is getting popular across all streams of School Education, and CCE covers all aspects of student’s development with both Formative and Summative Assessment.

CCE System of eduWare enables Teachers to track and analyze student’s performance and conduct real-time scholastic and co-scholastic assessments with Advanced Grading System as per the guidelines issued by CBSE. This system will help Schools to generate CCE Report Cards dynamically for every student.

The Strengths of the CCE System
  • CCE focuses on the all round development of the personality of the child. 
  • It uses a variety of assessment techniques to assess the progress of the child. 
  • The assessment is aimed at diagnosing the problem areas in the child’s development. 
  • CCE is child-centred as it considers each learner as unique and builds on the individual child’s abilities, progress and development. 
  • It is school-centred as it is done entirely by the teachers, who are trusted and given complete responsibility for evaluating their studen.

The system will also calculate the Percentile Ranking for every student as per the CBSE guidelines for Schools. Other details such as Name of Student, Date of Birth, Parents’ Name, Admission No., Interests and Hobbies are fetched into the CCE Card from the Learner’s Profile or Student Module of eduWare.

EduWare will generate Report Card as per the format prescribed the CBSE with the School logo that can be printed and will also be sent as PDF to every student and parent through email.

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