Monday, 9 June 2014

Student CCE Result Report Application For School Teachers

CCE or Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation system, refers to the school-based evaluation of the students’ and covers all the aspects of the students’ development. Here, continuous means regular assessments, frequent unit testing, analyzing learning gaps, applying corrective measures, retesting and giving feedback for the teachers to self-evaluate.

Comprehensive means, attempting to cover the scholastic and co-scholastic aspects of the students’ development and growth, keeping in mind the aspects of the evaluation process that is assessed through both formative and summative assessments.

CCE App Home Page

In the CCE app there are mainly three modules. One is Attendance module which will be helpful to teachers for bulk student attendance. All The data are directly synchronized with the school software database. The Second module is exam result, which will be helpful to teachers for bulk result creation. Last but not list 3rd module is Co-Collastic Activity. Which is the main module of this app.

Student CCE Result Application is part of school software. It is basically prepared for teachers. CCE result application is an eduwares’ approach to provide a user-friendly, easy, usable, portable app that reduces the burden on the teachers. The App is developed keeping in mind the general use of CCE. The app not only manages the student’s attendance, but exam marks and the co-scholastic activity as well. The teacher is able to manage all this behind just a few clicks.

CCE App Student co-scholasticdetails

The user can access the application from anywhere and anytime with just an android device and internet. Student CCE Result Application is very useful to teachers for bulk report creation. To prepare CCE result there are more than 150 questions which is very time taking but with the help of CCE App, it will be very easy, time saving and easy to manage the student data.

Monday, 19 May 2014

eduWare School Management Software System Video

Each and every educational institute have a large number of students, and staffs. School admin has lots of work to manage the student data base as well as staff database. Student’s admission process, fees collections, results generations, various reports creations etc works are very time taking and maintain paper work is quite difficult. So we are introduced complete school management software which is called eduWare. Arth  Infosoft introduce eduWare school management software system video for easy to understand why school need the software.

In this video you can see Mr. X is confused how he manage the student’s details, paperwork, transportation information, students’ charts, fee collection etc.. So he search for software which cover all these activities in single software and he find eduWare. He goes through the website and seen the benefits and advantage, then he is purchase and install the software in school. Now he can manage all the activities easily with a paperless solution in limited time.

In the end of the video you can find our clients list and contact details. We hope you like this video. If you have any feedback then let us knows.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

ArthInfosoft Introduce eduWare CCE Result Application For School

Arth Infosoft, India- 6th May 2014-eduWare is complete school management software which will be covered all the administrative work in single software in some clicks. This school management software covers the school administrative work, student admission process, student fee collection, student and employee attendance, manage employee details, School time table, transportation etc. in few clicks.

Nowadays, everything is accessible throughout the mobile. So we develop the CCE result application for school. eduWare is introducing a new application for the school teachers maintain student CCE reports in limited time with high security and easy to create a result which is called eduWare CCE Result App. CCE report means Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation Report. CCE Report is specifically designed for CBSE format.

CCE Reult Application HomeScreen

The eduWare CCE Result application manages the student attendance, exam marks and co-scholastic activity in some clicks. This app is more user-friendly, easy to use and reducing the burden of the teacher. The teacher is able to handle all these activities in just few clicks anywhere and anytime. This app is directly synced with the database of the “eduWare” software so whenever teacher updating through the app, it will be reflected on the server PC directly and whatever last changes is done it will be saved on the server PC eduWare software.

Teachers can access the application from anywhere and anytime with just an android device and internet. This app is very useful to teacher to reduce their manual work burden, time saving and paperless management. For further information about eduWare CCE Result App call us at 9727735599 or mail us at Visit our website

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

eduWare Online Application Made Easy Student Performance Tracking

Student overall performance tracking is really a important purpose of recent day schools to develop and better overall student results. In the world of computers, that we live in today, online student result applications helps track the overall performance better. In a highly competitive world where the need, pressure, and attraction to acquire more and more skills are common, it becomes essential that you monitor the progress being made in each of those abilities.

Reputed offshore software development company Arth Infost schoolsoftwares, the computerized school management system, features many such sections that help schools, students, and parents keep a track of performance, monitor and take steps accordingly. The online student web Application of eduWare schoolsoftwares helps you to monitor performance in every aspect from attendance to subject wise or exam wise marks. The application not only gives you an in-depth analysis of performance on all the parameters that affect student’s performance, but also gives information about schedules and any important notices issued by schools.

Eduware web application is directly connect with eduWare school management software. So school student data will automatically update in online web application.

Important Features Of Online Result Web Application Are:
  • Attendance: With the help of this online web application parents and student get online data for particular student attendance report. This web application is directly connect with eduWare school management software. Attendance is an important parameter, being regular to school, classes helps students retain lessons delivered and also helps them make new friends, become social. The attendance section/Tab gives the details of Total working days in a particular week/month and the number of days a student has attended the school.
Online Student Attendance Application
  • Class: The class tab of the online web result section gives information about the schedules, time table of the class, the student belongs to. In this tab teacher online update school time table as well as exam time table. So student and parents will se the school schedules.
  • Result: The result Tab displays exam wise result; marks obtained by student in various weekly, monthly tests are displayed examination wise. Select examination you can find login student online report card in other tab.
  • Display Holidays: The Holidays tab gives a detailed list of holidays for the academic year, so students can plan their study hours and other school activities accordingly.
  • Display Notice Board: Under this tab, you can see all the important information that the school announces, holidays, exams, fee particulars, sports, cultural events related, any information the school announces on notice board can be seen here.
  • Graph Report: The most important section of online result web application, where in you can check the results of the student. The results are analyzed in-depth and are presented in an easy to understand graphical method. You can see the subject wise results in a line chart graph method. Also, a comparison of results is presented; you can compare the marks obtained in each exam, compare results of a student against each student in a particular examination wise and also subject wise.

  • Online Student Graph Report
  • Student Forum: Places where students can socialize discuss subjects, news, arts, hobbies etc. In this application you can also connect with other students and do online chat.
Online Student Forum Application 

 The online result web application is a powerful and useful section that helps you track the overall performance, monitor, and plan improvement steps carefully for better results. It can be accessed from anywhere, with internet connectivity, students, parents can access it as long as they have password.