Tuesday, 6 May 2014

ArthInfosoft Introduce eduWare CCE Result Application For School

Arth Infosoft, India- 6th May 2014-eduWare is complete school management software which will be covered all the administrative work in single software in some clicks. This school management software covers the school administrative work, student admission process, student fee collection, student and employee attendance, manage employee details, School time table, transportation etc. in few clicks.

Nowadays, everything is accessible throughout the mobile. So we develop the CCE result application for school. eduWare is introducing a new application for the school teachers maintain student CCE reports in limited time with high security and easy to create a result which is called eduWare CCE Result App. CCE report means Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation Report. CCE Report is specifically designed for CBSE format.

CCE Reult Application HomeScreen

The eduWare CCE Result application manages the student attendance, exam marks and co-scholastic activity in some clicks. This app is more user-friendly, easy to use and reducing the burden of the teacher. The teacher is able to handle all these activities in just few clicks anywhere and anytime. This app is directly synced with the database of the “eduWare” software so whenever teacher updating through the app, it will be reflected on the server PC directly and whatever last changes is done it will be saved on the server PC eduWare software.

Teachers can access the application from anywhere and anytime with just an android device and internet. This app is very useful to teacher to reduce their manual work burden, time saving and paperless management. For further information about eduWare CCE Result App call us at 9727735599 or mail us at info@arthinfosoft.in. Visit our website http://www.schoolsoftwares.co.in/

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