Friday, 8 May 2015

eduWare Complete Package For The School

eduWare is complete school management system package. It is useful to school, teachers and parents. eduWare successfully run the mobile applications, online web portals, and school software.

eduWare School Management Software
eduware is complete, school software for any size any type of educational institution. eduWare is a unique school management software which is cover various school activities like school administration, school timetable, student ad staff attendance, fee collection, student admission, etc. We can say like when the student enters into school and when student left at school all the required process is covered by adware software. eduWare software has some meager modules on front display so the user can easily select the module any done the activity. eduWare is highly secured, paperless and time saving software. More than 150 schools are using eduWare school management software.

eduWare Online Parent Web Portal
eduWare online parent web portal is very useful for the parents and specially for those who are not regularly update about their child details. Online parent web portal is connected with eduware school software so when we update any database in the software, it will automatically update in the web portal. School provide a username and password to every student and his parent. In the web portal parent can see the student general details, result, absent details, mark comparison etc.

eduWare Mobile Applications
eduWare develop android applications for school and parents. One is a CCE app for the teachers. It is easily downloaded in any smart phone and simply login into the application so teachers can be added or update marks or grade in bulk action. CCE application is very important for the CBSE board school. Another mobile application is for the parents. Now a day’s every person has a smart phone. Parents can be installing this parent app on his phone and they will be updated regularly about their child. In the application student details are mentioned as well as student results are also display.

eduSMO- Social Media For The School
Social media now a day’s necessary for each and every person as well as any type of business or services. Social media like facebook, twitter, G plus, pinterest, LinkedIn etc.. We are providing social media service specially for the educational institutions to aware school, collages on social media platform. We create an account on behalf of the school and maintain their school reputation online.

If you are interested try our demo so you can easily purchase any eduWare product or service. You can contact on 9727735599 or you can mail to

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