Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Software For School

“eduWare” is a School Management Software developed by “Arth InfoSoft Pvt. Ltd” to manage day to day school operations easily and efficiently.

“eduWare” is developed basically for an Indian market after doing lots of groundwork  and it can be customized for other countries too. It is of very high quality standard, user friendly, highly scalable, covers almost all school requirements. It’s highly customizable and suitable for any size/type of school. 

In most of the Schools Teacher’s spend more than 40% of their time in a year on non-academic (not spending time with children) activities such as taking children Attendance,
student roll number generation, Fee collection, calculating student grades, generating time table and preparing reports cards at the end of every Academic Year since Schools have to submit these reports to Education Board as per State/Central Government Education norms.

With the help of School management software many teachers and school administrators have been able to effectively work and manage the schedule more effectively and more concentration on work rather than the cross-checking and the daily attendance and all. As a result they can increase the quality of education by concentrating more on teaching lessons.

Every School Admin or School Management System at some point or the other feel the real need of using a School Software for their Schools. For most of the Schools in India managing the School using paper based ledgers and account books has been the tradition for many years. “eduWare” cover what are the important points that the Schools must consider before buying a Software For School in our upcoming blog post.

Student Details are the key for any school and by considering, this module includes the all related details starting with their name, parents name, address, contact details; then their standard, stream, medium, results; behavior details, activity details, Medical checkup details, etc are stored.
Try our EduWare School Admin product before you buy! Contact us to know about our Service and Support details. We Provide 24*7 Supports via phone/internet/onsite. We have implemented “eduWare” in more than 50 Schools across India. 


  1. Schools and institutes that make use of accounting software definitely have forte compared to other schools. The automated ledge system is fully integrated. Accordingly, financial transactions that are input on the computer are automatically recorded. Usually, a manual system requires you to input data twice or even more. Hence, each and every transaction only needs to be input once which entails less effort when using accounting software.

    - Darcy Grubaugh

  2. MyClassboard CBSE School management software allows to schools to easily leverage the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation system introduced by CBSE. It covers all aspects of CCE and enables teachers, parents and educators to track the performance of students in real time.

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