Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Feedback of EduWare Software by Different School

“EduWare” is desktop application based on client server architecture. It covers entire “School” activities starting from “Admission process” to issuing “Transfer certificate” to student. We are mention below our client opinions about our online School Management Software.
This software very efficient for their entire school processes starting from Admission to their Leaving Certificate Records. This software has really decreased their manual work for analyzing the student performance as by some clicks we are getting all reports respect to students.

Apart from the software Arth InfoSoft Pvt. Ltd. is having really a helpful team members in their Support team by whom the down time for the software processes is really less.
Infocity Junior Science College
 Gandhinagar- India.

User Interface of this software we found very simple as at our school we don’t have to hire any operator for this software and Arth support team had provided enough training sessions to our present team members. In this software all the features are integrated so simply which are more than expectations for any school.
I found Arth support team co-operative even after for the after-sales support.

Infocity Junior Science College
Ahmedabad- India.
As per me this is really good software and it covers all the functionalities which any school can follow. And in terms of service I would like to say i.e. “Support team at Arth is efficient to sort out all of the routine problems with us within 24 working hours.”
School of Excellence
 Ahmedabad- India.

I found this School Management System very effective from all the perspectives like students, staff and even the Trust. As it covers all the activities for students, for all type of staff members who are available for trust very simply.
And for the support team of Arth InfoSoft I would like to say one thing i.e. these people always be ready to help and motivate our staff members for the use of the software. 
Shree Narayan Guru Vidyalay
Ahmedabad- India.

This is our client testimonial which shown that our software is very simple and supported to manage all Daily admin activities for their schools. If you want to know more about our SchoolManagement System then visit

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