Monday, 17 June 2013

Parents Have Online Access To Student Results

Parents have the right to know what is happening in the school life of their children. Sometimes children do not want their parents to talk about their quality or how they are doing in school. With eduWare online desk, parents will have access to information that their children may be reluctant to tell teachers them.

A student information system is a software application for institutes, colleges, schools to manage student data. Student Management System deals with all kind of student details, Students results, Holiday list, notice board and student marks in graphical way. Through the eduWare Online Desk, users will be able to access their students' grades, assignments, attendance records and more. The eduware is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any device. You can see login page below.

When you login in Online results you can see Student personal information like GR number, school medium, standard, division, Roll number, city etc. As per your requirement you can also change or add other points. You can see in below image.

It generates reports of every student's attendance reviewable at any time. Mark-sheet is generated electronically with comparison of marks of each exam. Even graphical representation is also generated. The Student Information Systems can be compact enough to track only student information and grades or they can be large-scale applications that track multiple campuses and individual class reports. Records of every examination conducted for each standard is maintained which makes referring past data very easy. You can see student mark comparison in every exam as in line chart report.

Parents can also access their child's information via the web and view their report card, attendance. Parents can view their child's schedule, grades and progress throughout the year. You can also compare your chaild marks with other students see below image.

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