Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Eduware Online Desk Is Link between School and Parents

Mother and father have the right to know what is happening in the school life of their child. Sometimes child do not want their parents to talk about their quality or how they are doing in school. But with Eduware Online Desk on the internet table, now parents will have to know about their child activities or results or school holidays details etc.

Eduware Online Desk is an online software program for school, educational institutions to manage student information. It is deals with all kind of student details, student results, Holiday list, notice board and student marks in graphical way. Through the Eduware Online Desk, users will be able to accessibility their child's qualities, presence information and more. The eduware is accessible 24*7 days a week from any device.

When parents sign in Eduware Online Desk they can see particular Student or his child private details like GR. Number, Student Name, Medium, Standard, Division, Roll Number etc.. In the menu bar parents can see Attendance, Class, Results, Holiday List, School Notice Board and Graph report.

Eduware Online Desk is directly connected with EduWare school management system. In the attendance menu parents can see their child attendance in school. It shows students every month absent days in school. In the class section parents or student can see school time table and exam time table. In holiday section parents and student can see holiday list of school. And last but not the list in notice board you can see any school notice.

Mark-sheet is generated electronically with accuracy by the EduWare school management system. But now parents can see graphical representation of student’s marks in particular exam or all exam comparison graph. In a Graph report section parents and students can see 3 types of graphical chart reports. First is line chart report. In this report parents can see their student’s performance report. They can also compare all exams during the year and marks shows as line chart graph.

Now second is Marks Comparison Report. You can see student mark comparison in every exam with other students as in bar chart. Also you can compare division wise and standard wise student’s marks.

Last is Freq. report. In this report parents can also see how many students exist in particular range of marks. It is division wise report.

As per school requirement they can also change or add other points of menu or reports in Eduware Online Desk. For more detailed information about EduWare Online Desk contact

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  1. Fantastic concept, I liked it Parents should always a good knowledge of their childs performance and daily activities.